About Us

Chirag Goel Enterprises (P) Ltd. has been committed to high efficiency, excellent performance and quality services since its establishment in August 2000. Under the leadership of Mr. Dinesh Goel, the company has adopted a series of growth strategies, focusing on brand building, R&D, foreign trade, as well as cultivating a harmonious corporate culture.

Since its inception the company has been importing and supplying various Non Ferrous Metals such as Copper Ingots, Copper Wire Rods, Copper Scrap, Aluminum Ingots, Nickel Cathodes, Zinc Ingots, Tin Ingots and so on. Over the years the company has surpassed all expectations and due to its customer friendly policies has developed clients across various industries all over India.

In 2012 the company launched the brand "Chirag Tubes" to supply high quality copper tubes and pipes. Copper tubes include refrigeration tube, construction tube, copper alloy tube and tube for other applications. These tubes are generally used in field of air-conditioning refrigeration, construction piping, etc. The tubes are imported from Malaysia, Vietnam, China and comply to all the international standards of quality.

We have been in the market for the past 14 years and have a management team with an expertise of over 20 years in the industry. With world class facilities and continuous up-gradation to new technologies, Chirag Goel Enterprises is trying to set international standards for itself to grow further more.