Dear Distinguished Customers,
Please be kindly noted that "Chirag Tubes" is introducing a first in its segment Loyalty Based Programme, where in we offer a discount scheme directly proportional to the quantity you book.
• More than 1 Ton < 2 Ton Flat Reduction of Rs.5 per Kg.
• More than 2 Ton < 3 Ton Flat Reduction of Rs.10 per Kg.
• More than 3 Ton < 4 Ton Flat Reduction of Rs.15 per Kg.
• More than 5 Ton Flat Reduction of Rs.20 per Kg.
Additionally Once you order more than 25 Tons, there’s a Flat Reduction of Rs.2 per Kg.
If you do receive information different from above, please kindly send e-mail to info@cgepl.com or call our office for further confirmation. Your cooperation on above is highly appreciated.
*Terms & Conditions apply

Chirag Copper Tubes

Why Us

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

• Products adhering to highest international quality standards

• Procuring products from globally reputed manufactures, known for their reliability

• Serving across Industries to a huge customer base with an efficient supply system.

• Manufactured using finest quality of copper cathodes with 99% purity level

Industries we serve:

• Construction

• Air Conditioning

• Automobiles

• Condensers and Cooling Systems

• Earthing Systems

• Water + Gas

• Electrical Engineering

• Marine Engineering

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Level Wound/Jumbo Coils -
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